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Service Levels

Planning your condo’s future, right from square one

Whether you operate a small self managed condo, or a large development with a wide range of needs, we offer service levels to support your interests and carry your operations forward.

Condo Triage

There are times when a corporation may be experiencing all the symptoms and problems of a condo that needs help, but the owners and directors just don’t know where to start.  The issues are clear; tension between owners and the board, mounting expenses, financial anxiety, feeling unprepared for large scale projects, repeat insurance claims and rising premiums, and uncertainty about the bylaws or policies, to name a few.  For a corporation experiencing any of these issues, just having a productive meeting can be a challenge.  Condo Triage is a short term consultation program designed to assess the issues your condo is experiencing and diffuse conflicts that are impeding your progress.  From 2 – 6 meetings, the length of a triage consultation is customized for your specific needs.  This could be something as focused as the mediation of meetings and owner issues.  It can also be a much broader analysis of your property and systems, giving specific advice on how to improve your operations.  Condo Triage is designed to give you the clarity needed for your Board to make informed decisions.

Intensive Condo Care

For condominiums with a variety of budgeting, planning, maintenance and personnel challenges, Intensive Care is a program tailored to develop a management plan and put this into action.  During a 6 – 18 month Intensive Care period, your corporation receives a complete evaluation of its financial planning, maintenance programs, and service partner relationships.  When working together, these systems provide the solid foundation needed to support the best interests of your condominium and all owners.  The goal of Intensive Care management is for your condo to have the systems and informed confidence necessary to keep moving forward on a stable path.  As well as the regular ongoing management of your property and corporate affairs, your management professional undertakes:

  • Review of your financials and implementation of an audit if not previously done
  • Implementation of cost savings measures and restructuring of the financial plan
  • Development of operating budget projections to support the long term goals of the corporation
  • Reserve Fund Study review and construction of 5 and 10 year reserve plans
  • Managing tenders for service contractors or large maintenance projects
  • Seeking service proposals from other professionals for engineering, construction, remediation,investment planning, legal advice etc. in accordance with your corporation’s needs
  • Review and overhaul of insurance coverage and current incidents if applicable
  • Review of bylaws and policies with consultation on the provisions of The Condominium Property Act
  • Structuring of Condominium Plan amendments and parking plans as required
  • Other corporation specific consultation as needed

Long Term Condo Care

Once the twists and turns of a condo corporation’s Intensive Care period are through, the future stability, productivity and success of your property are upheld with Long Term Care.  The systems put in place by your management team will continue to be overseen and balanced, with positive relationships and plans being developed.  Consistent communications and record keeping will foster confidence in your corporation’s operations.  Through ownership transitions, changes in your board of directors and the adjustments to your course going forward, solid and reliable management support is the key to your condo’s value for all owners.  This management option, for 2-3 year recurring terms, carries your property’s initiatives forward with continuous information and industry experience supporting your decisions.  Long Term Care clients are also supported by the option to implement intensive consultations from time to time, as needed.  Our goal with Long Term Care clients is to be there for the life of the corporation, as an integral part of your condo’s success.

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