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Financial Management

A condominium with well-managed financials has clear value to its owners.

One of the most stressful aspects of condominium ownership can be uncertainty over the property’s financials.  From the basic understanding of what is covered by your condo fees, to planning for expenses years into the future, many owners and board members come to our team seeking clarity and assurance in this area.  We are proud to help our clients gain control over their corporate finances, and help them create a vision for success.

Our management system offers full transparency of the corporation’s detailed income and expenses to directors and support in the interpretation of statements.  Creating comprehensive operating budgets, developing 5 and 10 year plans for reserve contributions and expenditures, and the ongoing review of your financials by our team are combined to provide your condo with stability.  When a corporation’s day-to-day financial management is clear, the Directors gain the insight needed for calculated decisions.  This also supports owners in gaining clarity over their own records, and an understanding of the role their monthly fees play in the future of their investment.

For condos with 4 units or 400 units, thorough and accurate financial information is a grounding force for a corporation.  We give you the tools and information needed to tackle the responsibilities of today, and save for tomorrow.  A condominium with well-managed financials has clear value to its owners.