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A healthy and productive co-op community is the foundation of your success!

Square One Realty is committed to a tradition of reliable, diligent and trusted service. As members of the Co-Operative Housing Federation of Canada, we’re proud to uphold the principals of your community. From handling your legal requirements to fostering productive relationships within your ownership, you can count on us to support your co-op’s unique needs.

Meeting legal requirements with the support of a management team gives your Board and your members peace of mind. Supporting your community through good governance is the key to harmonious operations for your co-operative. Just SOME of the activities our management team handles are:

  • Collecting housing fees, arrears and administering legal collections and/or evictions as directed by the Board
  • Producing monthly financials and maintaining the development’s records
  • Administering subsidies, submitting to the Agency on line and subsidy tracking
  • Ensuring compliance with co-operative governmental funding programs
  • Scheduling annual audit of the co-operatives’s financial records
  • Preparing and distributing housing charge increases and budget information
  • Preparing and maintaining annual and long term maintenance budgets
  • Assisting owners with inquiries on their rights and responsibilities for maintenance and repairs

Our co-op management team is ready to support your development. Obtaining a management proposal is easy!

Email us at OR call us at 780-453-1515

We would be happy to talk with you about how we can support YOUR Community!