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Edmonton Condo Management

Planning Your Property’s Future, right from square one.

Specializing in condominium planning and revitalization, Square One Realty offers short to long term management options for condos experiencing challenges.

Small developments and self-managed corporations receive the support they need to move ahead in areas needing more dedicated focus.

About Us

Service Levels

Condo Triage

There are times when a corporation may be experiencing all the symptoms and problems of a condo that needs help, but the owners and directors just don’t know where to start.

Intensive Condo Care

For condominiums with a variety of budgeting, planning, maintenance and personnel challenges, Intensive Care is a program tailored to develop a management plan and put this into action.

Long Term Condo Care

Once the twists and turns of a condo corporation’s Intensive Care period are through, the future stability, productivity and success of your property are upheld with Long Term Care.

Community Support

Condominiums are made up of many different levels of relationships.  The role of a great manager is to encourage impartial and community centered relationships for the benefit of everyone involved.

Maintenance & Projects

Regular and preventative maintenance programs are imperative to the success of a condominium corporation.

Financial Planning

One of the most stressful aspects of condominium ownership can be uncertainty over the property’s financials. We are proud to help our clients gain control over their corporate finances, and help them create a vision for success.

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